Group Bot Services:

If you don't have a bot and/or don't want to make one, use ours.

Group Bot - Av2Bot allows you to use selected bots to greet your customers and invite them to your goup.

Upon choosing to use Av2Bot Group Bot Services, you will be provided with the proper objects & scripts to use our bot(s).
There will be an example provided, It can and will greet and invite based on Touch (Sign) & Collision (Welcome Mat, phantom wall, door or floor).
You're allowed to use the provided examples, make your own, or buy an object with modify enabled and use the scripts from the examples.

Group Bots are limited to only greeting your guests and inviting them to your group, the bot(s) will remain at one of our locations.
We do offer lifetime updates, though this might sound strange for a bot that you have minimal control of, so I will explain.

If Av2Bot chooses to allow more usage, such as a script that could be added to the items you sell that can invite when rezzed or attached.
This script and configuration notecard would be provided to any and all active Group Bot Service clients so that they may start using it.

There is a 10 bot limit per avatar account on our system. If you need more, use an alternate Second Life Account.
This limit can be any combination of Group Bot Services and Bot Hosting Services, either way, 10 "bot accounts" per avatar.

Thank you for choosing Av2Bot Hosting.