You will get all the same great features of Corrade as you would with the single bot subscription - Hosted on Av2Bot Servers.

Major difference: Price. Corrade VPS will be 999L$ per week and still eligble for the 4 weeks gets 9 days free.

Then the Minor Differences that separates it from a normal hosting subscription will include but are not limited to:
Your bot(s) will be running on a KVM VPS (Virtual Private Server) which has dedicated hardware resources.
Minimum dedicated resources will be: 1 CPU Core at 2.1-3Ghz, 2GB ECC RAM, 32GB Storage, 1 IPv4 Address.
Shared resources: Unmetered Bandwidth on a 10Gbps Port (VPS will not have a "speed limiter").
We backup our servers every 24 hours and will retain at most 7 days worth of backups in case you break something.
However; we will ask a fee of 2500L$ that must be paid prior to a backup being restored to your VPS.

Some restrcitions I'd like to point out though. You will NOT have root access & you will NOT have shell access.
Consider it a "managed" KVM VPS, the restrictions are because the VPS is meant purely for Corrade so you are not allowed to install software that is unrelated.
This does not mean you can't have additional software, "You" just aren't allowed to install it. We will do it for you if we decide to allow it.

The KVM VPS will be running CentOS 7 Minimal for the OS. (Could be Alma 8 at our discretion). So check for software compatability before requesting an installation.
Since it is a VPS, you are allowed to have some form a Web GUI Control Panel for file & SQL/NoSQL database management, however; remember no root or shell access.

Free option: AA Panel - Free (Not PRO) is a great choice, has an easy to use file manager, one-click install of Redis, MySQL/MariaDB, Postgre SQL, or MongoDB database.
Also has additional one-click installations for things like Node.js, Docker, PHPMyAdmin, Lots of PHP Versions to choose (Corrade runs best with 7.3), Firewall GUI & Much more.
Why would we suggest somehting with one-click installs? Corrade has a Discord bridge to relay group chat to Discord (uses Node.js). Also, Corrade, if I recall has a Docker option

If you want paid options like: cPanel, Plesk, AA Panel PRO, etc it is your responsibility to sign up with them and pay the licensing fees associated.
We will install most Web GUI Control Panels at our discretion, usually within 24 hours of the request being made (Don't pay for a license until we confirm the install).

Corrade Commands Webpage

Thank you for choosing Av2Bot Hosting.